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Student accommodation in Coventry

A prosperous town in medieval times, COVENTRY now is the 11th largest city in the UK. It offers a wealth of history and exciting modern attractions such as the famous Coventry Transport Museum, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and more.

Its motor manufacture and engineering industry brought business success to the city. Coventry city centre continues to grow with a newly developed pedestrian area with a range of bars, cafes and market stalls as well as public squares and gardens. Students will enjoy visiting the city centre areas of West Orchards and Lower Precinct with all the famous retailers, banks, post offices, bookshops and the city library. For great evening entertainment, there are cinemas, theatres and nightclubs.

Coventry is famous for innovative technologies and thus, attracts many students who wish to study manufacture and engineering.

The city is surrounded by the beautiful Warwickshire countryside with excellent transport links to all major cities.

Liberty Park, Coventry


Room type: Ensuite or Studio

Price: £99-£150

Distance to your university: Just a short walk away from Coventry University, and it’s an even shorter trip to connections to the University of Warwick.

Cellice Court, Coventry


Room type: En-suites, Studios, 1 bed flat or 2 bed flat.

Price: £125-£199

Distance to your university: Located next door to Coventry University, opposite the library and near the William Morris Campus.

Raglan House, Coventry


Room type: Ensuite or Studio

Price: £129-£159

Distance to your university: Located opposite the William Morris campus at Coventry University.

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