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Student Letting Services offers a wide choice of student accommodation in private halls of residence and fully-furnished houses/apartments in the UK. We strive to provide the most suitable student accommodation for you at affordable rents throughout the U.K. Our objective is to meet the needs of each student on a one-to-one basis whether it will be a private hall of residence or private housing.

We’ve provided affordable, quality and comfortable accommodation to thousands of Cypriot students studying in the UK. Not only that we are the only accommodation company in Cyprus with strong links to universities and major housing providers in the UK. We liaise with student residences in great locations, which are modern and safe and will suit diverse needs of our students.

We understand student’s quality of life comes down to sampling all accommodation options the market has to offer and no one has more than Student Lettings.

Finding accommodation with us is simple, fast and easy. We will identify and evaluate your accommodation options from numerous properties we have available and recommend the most suitable choices based on your preferences and requests (such as choice of flat mates, dietary requirements, level of floor etc.).  

You can send us your request for preferred accommodation online. Your enquiry will be taken care of immediately by our team in Cyprus. Our system is fast and efficient, which means you will receive the fastest answers to any questions you may have and fastest accommodation placement possible.

Another great advantage of booking with Student Lettings is that you will have an option to pay your rent by installments. As part of our special agreement with our UK partners, students booking through us will not need to provide a UK-based guarantor and will not have the financial pressure of paying the rent in advance.

Last but not least, we will bring you in touch with other Cypriot students living in the same hall of residence or studying at your university. We also have the flexibility of placing Cypriot students in the same flat or on the same floor depending on the room availability. If you are a group of friends who wish to live together, we will book the whole flat for you (subject to availability).

Our experience in the market coupled with a range of accommodation options we offer, make us the most reliable and trustworthy choice for taking care of your accommodation.    

Five simple reasons to book with us!

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Great locations close to your university
  3. Wide variety of accommodation options
  4. No need to pay full year of rent upfront
  5. Best chance of finding accommodation with other Cypriots

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